7 Reasons Why I Joined Michael Cheney's
7-Figure Franchise Even Though
I Never Join Online Business Opportunities!

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"7 Reasons I Joined Michael Cheney's 7-Figure Franchise & Why I Recommend You Join Too!"

#1 - Because Michael Walks The Talk

Often, when presented with an opportunity to join a program, I don’t look at the program itself first. I look at the person at the helm. Do I trust them? Do I share their values? Do they talk the talk? Michael checks all boxes for me.

#2 - Because You Get 30 Days 1-on-1 Consulting With Michael

This alone is pretty much worth the entire entry cost, but it’s just one of half a dozen things you get. Michael says he charges $20,000 for private consulting. Not sure how close this is to the truth – because he never offered private consulting in history of me following him. Or at least, not publicly. Which is why, as soon as I saw him offering such an exclusive perk - I jumped on board.

Tested & Proven To Convert With Real Traffic

Unlike other biz opps, Michael’s 7FF hasn’t been originally developed to be a business. Mike built all these funnels and products for himself. Which means – he rigorously tested them with real traffic – free, paid and JV. You’re getting all of his highest-converting funnels, upsells and products. Tested stuff. Not created to be sold to you, like virtually every other biz opp out there right now.

Free Traffic

Even though I’m not an advocate of free traffic, I recognize the value of having Michael show you how to get some free traffic first, because I get a ton of emails from people saying they can’t afford to buy traffic right now and they desperately need money. Michael’s figured out a way to drive free traffic from Facebook (backed up by science) as well as other free sources. These are slow ways to drive leads, but they work if you do it the way Michael does it. Once you're making money with free traffic, you can reinvest your profits into paid traffic to scale!

Multiple Streams of Income

Another thing Mike excels at besides creating winning offers is to promote other people’s offers as an affiliate. He’s a master super-affiliate. When you become Michael’s franchisee, you get all of his affiliate promos for free.

No Middle Man. Instant PayPal Commissions

If there’s anything I hate its having a middle man between me and my money. When I make a dollar, I want to put it to use immediately: buy more traffic, buy a software, buy a book and so on. Mike’s paying Instant PayPal commissions. No middle man. No delays. No refund periods and holding charges.

“Make $24,000 in 1st 6 Month” Guarantee

I triple-verified this with Michael before joining. He guarantees his 7-Figure Franchise will make you $24,000 in the 1st 6 month of you being a member (when you follow the steps, of course!) or he and his team will personally “take over” your franchise membership and work with you to get you there. Can’t lose if you’re seriously aiming to make at least $2,000 per month from home.

"Plus Get These 3 Bonuses When You Join Before Midnight EST Tuesday February 6th"

Bonus #1 ($357.00 value):
“200-Click Solo Ad To Your 7FF Link

Let me help you make your first sale by sending 200 targeted prospects to your 7-Figure Franchise affiliate link, as soon as you join.

Bonus #2 ($497.00 value):
30-Day Access To Solo VIP Club (all perks excluding traffic)

Get access to my email marketing formulas vault (the very templates I use to write emails that pull sales). Personally, I value these formulas at price far greater than what you’re paying for Michael’s Franchise, because these formulas made me millions (literally)

Bonus #3 ($297.00 value):
30 Email Swipes/Facebook Swipes

Use these emails to get free traffic from Facebook using the free traffic strategy Michael shares in the 7-Figure Franchise. This bonus takes care of the one thing that’s not automated in the Franchise – writing.